The street that thinks it’s a jungle

Lamlash Garden was created by local people and their families and friends, under the auspices of Hayles Tenants and Residents’ Association (Hayles TRA) and officially opened in November 2015. Lamlash Street was previously a rather down-at-heel road in the heart of our neighbourhood, and a favoured dumping ground for dastardly flytippers…

Funding and help from Southwark Council and the Mayor of London, the can-do input of Gareth Morris of what if: projects, and support from neighbouring Hayles Allotment Society, transformed Lamlash Street into Lamlash Garden, which now includes a mini orchard including heritage apples, quince, greengage and medlar (fancy!); seating areas; a herb garden; raised beds for veg; raspberries and strawberries (both tame and wild, a particular favourite with local children); and, apparently, one of the largest sparrow colonies in south London…

Come and visit! You are welcome to enjoy the garden, which is open to all, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We particularly welcome thoughtful humans, industrious insects, and frogs seeking commodious new lodgings.


The second phase of the Lamlash Garden extension is now finished: the new road surface has been installed (and very handsome it looks too), the trees are in situ, the planters are filled with soil and – finally – our plants have arrived!



Web Design: Stanislava Stoilova
Photography: Chrispin Hughes
Illustrations: Ganna Tiulkina