Would you like to support Lamlash Garden, but prefer not to haul yourself out your nice, cosy bed on a Sunday morning to join us for a gardening session every month…?


Our friends at Abundance Merton have generously supplied us with bountiful supplies of apples, grapes and quinces, hand-picked from gardens across south London, and we have procured herbs from our garden and made numerous forays to East Street market… As a result, we have enjoyed several exceedingly jolly jam- and chutney-making afternoons, and created delicious things to sell!

We are on the garden on the first Sunday of every month between 11.30am and around 1pm. If you’d still really rather not get out of bed, drop us an email or visit us on Saturdays at the new Elephant Social market in Elephant Park to buy our lovely produce, find out more about our new crowdfunding project to spread the love with a brand new community hub in Elephant and Castle – or just say hello!

Verily, you may be assured that every spoonful of our top-notch, local, artisan produce contributes to the maintenance of Lamlash Garden all year around. So buy some of our lovely things, and make a vital contribution to helping Lamlash Garden grow. Hurrah!


Following our visit from the Royal Horticultural Society ‘inspectorate’, we were awarded a certificate of advancement: HURRAH! We also have jams, chutneys and bags for sale, so do come and garden – or just stop and pick up some goodies. 

If you are interested in procuring Lamlash Garden foodstuffs – or helping make it! – please email and we will be in touch. We are also extending our gardening ‘reach’, teaming up with the lovely folk at Mercato Metropolitano and Project Dirt.

If you are interested in procuring Lamlash Garden food stuffs – or helping make it! – please email and we will be in touch.